4 Ways to Reduce Risk With Fleet Management Software for Logistics company (PART 1)

fleet management risks

Fleet management includes many things: various types of assets, many employee roles, regulations. Also, driver safety and costs like fuel and much more.

Risks are present throughout the fleet management process as well. As a result, fleet managers in Logistics and other Supply Chain industries are trying to protect their assets from risks.

Monitor Driver Behavior

Driver’s safety

Studies have shown that more than 30 percent of all motor accidents are caused by only 4 percent of drivers. Therefore, as a fleet manager, it is vital to ensure employees are following safety rules at all times. Moreover, supervisors are given responsibility for the safety of their employees. Also, effective discipline is a must. Therefore, monitoring all drivers’ behavior is the best way to keep employees safe and to run the fleet smoothly.

High costs of accidents

If an accident does occur the driver is at fault. Furthermore, insurance would be used to cover vehicle and driver’s damages. Also, based on severity, an accident could cause the company’s insurance premiums to increase. For the company and fleet, this means vehicle downtime, injured driver. Also, to ensure safety across all fleet drivers, it is crucial to track each driver’s behavior. As a result, fleet managers only need a mobile phone to get the information they need.

fleet management ideas

Fleet Management Solution

COOLASIA mobile-based fleet management software collects driver behavior data. Also, it scores driver based on actions such as speeding, hard braking and rapid acceleration. If an accident does occur, a fleet manager can review driver behavior using reports feature. Also, keep in mind, this data is easy to collect but is only as effective as the attention given to it. Finally, all information must be reviewed and action must be taken as soon as possible.


ECO Driver Report in FleetManager Web. You can track dangerous events such as harsh braking, acceleration, sudden turning. Also, over speeding performed by your driver. Also, filter the reports according to the date.


In ECO Driver Report you can also access the data about dangerous events performed by all your vehicles.


In addition to ECO Report, you can access monthly Speeding report per Driver. Furthermore, using this report you can find out about all speeding offences committed by the driver on the specific date, time and address. Also, you can check the duration of the offence.


In the Events section in FleetManager Web you can monitor dangerous actions performed by the driver live or as a history. Also, you can easily track the location of where the offence was committed.

Track Asset Location

Fuel theft issue

Every fleet manager is sensitive to the risk of fuel theft. It’s a sad reality, but it happens in businesses every day. Also, route compliance discrepancies have become a similar issue. Furthermore, drivers using vehicles for personal purposes can mean wasted fuel and unnecessary vehicle mileage. Consequently, monitoring drivers to protect against fuel theft can be difficult and time-intensive.

fleet management ideas

Fleet Management Solution

With the rise of fleet management, monitoring route compliance and exact fill-up locations has become a much easier task. Therefore, it can be ensured that fuel theft is not taking place and trip records submitted by driver-operators are entirely accurate.

Fleet management systems will track vehicle location and fuel transaction data. Therefore, it will show the fleet manager a map view of the fill-up location and the actual vehicle location at the time of fill-up. Also, using vehicle location data, fleet managers can locate a vehicle at any point in time and across a complete trip. As a result, this ensures drivers are on the approved route and not wasting fuel. Also, analyzing rate trip records can help pinpoint problems in routes and optimize the use of each fleet vehicle.

fleet management fuel consumption

Track your fleet’s fuel consumption in FleetManager Web.  Also, add data manually every time the driver refills the fuel. Furthermore, it will automatically calculate statistics based on Vehicle Odometer current value. Consequently, control the usage of fuel by your vehicles.

fleet management fuel consumption

 Also, you can observe your fuel refill information while using a graph view.

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