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Hello, Beginner

Here is everything you can learn about how to start FleetManager! Cheers for your wonderful start and successful fleet management

Login On Web

Change Password

Install On Android Device

Install On iPhone Device

Overview of Fleetmanagement

Get a big picture of Fleetmanagement

Introduction of Menu Bar

Introduction of Map

Introduction of Workspace

Introduction of Panels

Track and Monitor

Track your vehicles and Monitor the status of your vehicles

Monitor Vehicle Status

Track Vehicle

Create Tag

Create Selected View

Setup Privacy Tracking

Create POI

Create Geofence

Job Dispatch

Assign and dispatch the job to workers

Job Dispatch

Create Job Worker User

Check Job Status

Dispatch Route Job


Get the reports about your vehicles and trips

Generate Report

Report Details

Create Report

Schedule Report to Email

User Management

Manage the users of Fleetmanager and job worker for dispatch

Add New User

Edit or Delete The User

Create User Type

Assign Role to User

Fuel Consumption and Maintenance

Monitor Fuel consumption and maintenance of your vehicles

Track Fuel Consumption

Monitor Vehicle Status by Odometer

Monitor Vehicle Status by Time

Monitor Vehicle Status
by Engine Hour

Advanced Features

Here is you can learn all of advanced feature in Fleetmanager

Create Speeding Event Rule

Visuals Setting

Icons Setting

Manage Custom Fields